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1.  Medifast Diet Medifast Diet new hot pick!
Medifast helps you lose up to 20 pounds in a month with our exclusive 5 & 1 Program. You eat 6 times a day - 5 nutritious Medifast Meals and 1 healthy Lean & Green Meal.

Forget Counting calories and carbs. Medifast does it for you!

Medifast is delivered to your door and helps you successfully lose weight and maintain your results long term. - [Details] Date : 11-Jul-2007 - Hits : 4821 - Rating: n/a

2.  Maker\'s Diet Maker's Diet new
The New York Times best-selling Maker’s Diet is a revolutionary, holistic approach to health and weight loss. And now this biblically based and scientifically proven diet is online! The complete online program incorporates 14 tools, support from other members, answers from Jordan, advice from dietitians, a daily schedule, and so much more. - [Details] Date : 09-Jul-2007 - Hits : 2569 - Rating: n/a

3.  Sonoma Diet Sonoma Diet new
The Sonoma Diet is a uniquely flavorful weight loss plan that brings together the art and science of food. It incorporates the latest knowledge from the world of nutritional research — but this diet was not born in a lab. Far from it! In fact, its roots can be found in two of the most agriculturally abundant and vital regions of the world: the fertile coast of the Mediterranean Sea and California's lush Sonoma Valley.

These two sun-drenched regions have something in common besides their climate. They share a festive approach to eating — a heartfelt love of great food that turns every meal into a celebration of life. The tasty and delicious foods that make these areas a paradise of healthy living are at the heart of The Sonoma Diet. - [Details] Date : 09-Jul-2007 - Hits : 2642 - Rating: n/a

4.  Weight Watchers UK Weight Watchers UK new
WEIGHT WATCHERS HAS BEEN HELPING PEOPLE ACHIEVE THEIR WEIGHT-LOSS GOALS FOR OVER 40 YEARS. Recognised as one of the world’s leading authorities on weight loss, Weight Watchers International has helped millions of people worldwide to lose weight. In the UK alone over 6,000 Meetings are held each week by a Weight Watchers Leader who has also lost weight successfully with Weight Watchers. The revolutionary Weight Watchers diet gives all foods a POINTS® value - based on calories and saturated fat content – which means you can eat your favourite foods. Now you can also follow the plan online with Weight Watchers Online. - [Details] Date : 10-Jul-2007 - Hits : 2529 - Rating: n/a

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